Brexit, Physics and beyond

Warning: may contain a few physics puns!

In the ever increasing entropy of the Brexit Uncertainty Principle, Theresa May’s Cat is can no longer both dead and alive – but instead is just dead.

With the country’s future slowly approaching a black hole (where it will surely be spaghettified after crossing the bleak Brexit-event horizon) and the vote on reversal of direction of our course being denied from us, it feels like mutiny aboard the (space)ship.

We therefore need to take our future into our own hands. As educators, we need to prepare for the worst case scenario by ensuring that our future scientists are well equipped with knowledge to make the UK a great and better place – whether we leave the EU or not. We need to ensure that we continue to do research ourselves to better equip our students and keep our curriculum up to date.

Being a physicist, I would like to argue that Physics is the most important science there is; it helps us to understand how chemistry and biology works. We therefore need to invest our time in the teaching and learning of physics. Physics can lead us in to many different and important areas such as medicine which will be vital for keeping our country healthy in the event of a no-deal Brexit. It will ensure that we are at the forefront of research in many fields, making the UK an invaluable STEM hub.

But this blog does not just limit itself to Physics and the other STEM subjects. It extends itself to all other subjects:

  • In English, communication in a Brexit world is will be paramount.
  • In Geography, we need to convey the idea that although we may come from different countries, we are all human.
  • In History, we need to learn from the mistakes and tragedies of the past where segregation and racism led to wars.
  • In MFL, as with English, we need to ensure communication between our foreign neighbours and colleagues is not a limiting factor (chemistry pun) so that we do not become excluded from the rest of the world.

We need to prepare for the worst because the if worst does happen, we will be ready and if it doesn’t, the UK will be a better and more accepting place than it once was.

Thank you,


Puns explained for those interested:

Entropy in thermodynamics is the increase in disorder from order. (Brexit is definitely in a state of disorder).

Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle is the theory which states that we cannot measure the state of a particle’s position or momentum accurately without effecting the momentum or position respectively. (We cannot measure where we are accurately due to uncertainty in politics).

Schrödinger’s cat is a thought experiment which places a cat in a box with a decaying material on a mechanism attached to a hammer that will fall and break a vile of poison once the substance has decayed fully. Until we open the box and make an observation, the cat can be thought of as both dead and alive at the same time. (This one I think explains itself).

As you approach a black hole and cross it’s event horizon there is no going back. Your atoms will be spaghettified towards a singularity as the atoms at the front will be travelling faster than the atoms at the back due to the pull of gravity. (As does this one).

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